Printing and Packaging
With the incorporation of the latest digital technologies Intellimail is able to produce high quality fast and cost effective runs, from the simplest of one-colour flysheets to full colour bound journals.

Intellimail’s clients have the added luxury of not just securing competitive pricing but receiving the right advise on the nature and format of print required to facilitate better mail processing and optimising distribution discounts.

Having a good understanding of what type of print can be automatically mail processed instead of manually processed could mean a huge difference in cost and turnaround time of the campaign. Further more, Choosing the correct weight and dimension of the direct mail piece could significantly lower distribution costs. Knowing such information in advance could be critical to the success and profitability of certain campaigns.

  • Flysheets
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Letterheads
  • Books
  • Promotional Merchandise

Printing Service

Comprehensive Printing Service for Your Business Needs

Intellimail International delivers a comprehensive service that includes a printing service, direct marketing and mail and logistics services. We make sure you get your message across effectively no matter the size of your business or the extent of your printing order.

What You Can Expect from Intellimail International Regarding Printing Service

As part of our business-to-business and business to consumer mailing, printing and logistics solution, we provide a high quality printing service that can also go directly to your clients via our distribution and mailing service. You do not even have to look to another business to get your corporate message across to the outside world, as we have all the services you require packaged in one company. 

  • Laser printing. If your job run needs to be individually personalised such as personalised letters or financial documentation such as invoices and statements, then laser is the only alternative..  Also if the print volume is generic and small in volume you will find that laser printing is the cheaper alyernative
  • Bulk laser printing. Bulk laser printing is probably the most financially viable and practical solution if you have many documents to print, imagine printing 1000 pages on your desktop printer. Leave the big jobs to the professionals for quality, fast service and enjoy the high-quality result delivered to your door without having to deal with any printer issues or breakdowns.
  • Offset printing. Why would you use offset printing as opposed to laser printing? If your job is generic and high in volume then offset sheet fed printing is the correct alternative. It is faster and has better capabilities to bind your printing into magazines or brochures cheaper and more efficiently.
  • Web printing. If your offset print run is of high volume then this technology is most likely the most efficient and cost saving alternative in the market. Web printing can range from newspaper stock right up to 170gsm glossy magazines and brochures.

Benefits of Commercial Laser Printing

Making use of our commercial laser printing service will save you on costs in many ways:

  • Save on ink and paper. Although laser printers are widely available to corporates and the public, our printers are large commercial printers that consume less ink, and as we buy in bulk, we offer lower prices on paper and ink projects. When we save, it also means that you, as the client saves, making this the most cost-effective way for your business to print in bulk.
  • Fast service. The main benefit of commercial printing is the speed with which the printer reads the text or image and then writes it onto the paper. The precision of the printer results in less spilled or wasted ink than your conventional inkjet printer.
  • High-volume. Commercial laser printers were made for printing tonnes of documents in the office and are fast while not compromising on the quality of the prints. Our printers can print high volumes in a short period, delivering the best quality products in time for you to deliver on your strict deadlines.

Especially if you are a small business, you don’t want to invest in huge machines that will end up costing more in ink and maintenance than they are worth. We have the space and the supplies and knowledge to operate and service our machines, so you merely get a high-quality printing service without the hassle.

Why Intellimail International is Cost-Effective

We deliver a cost-efficient complete direct marketing solution to any business, big or small; we have the data, logistics and printing side of your company sorted. With high-quality professional printing machines, we will tailor the right printing service for your needs, and we can even distribute the documents for you once you are happy with the printed version. We prefer to speak face to face, so we know we understand exactly what our client requires and how the end product should look.

Contact us to discuss the print, distribution or software needs of your business and see what benefits our services hold for you.