Intellimail can also distribute your product whether it be a parcel or a mail piece either Australia wide or abroad, via post, road, air or courier.

Intellimail clients have the added luxury of not just securing competitive pricing but receiving the right advise on the nature and format of print required to facilitate better mail processing and optimising distribution discounts.

Having a good understanding of literature can be automatically mail processed instead of manually processed could mean a huge difference in cost and turnaround time of the campaign. Furthermore, Choosing the correct weight and dimension of the direct mail piece could significantly lower distribution costs. Knowing such information in advance could be critical to the success and profitability of certain campaigns.


The rewards of a well-defined, well-executed Document Outsourcing program are clear. Productivity rises, cost structures fall and documents begin to be used in ways that can transform your organisation. To help take you there requires a proven partner — a partner with the experience to define, implement and deliver measurable results each and every day. We apply the resources and resolve to make documents and business processes work harder for you and your organisation.

Combined with Intellimail’s unique automated job generation system allows us to develop highly personalised and customized documents. From managing office assets and business records to large-scale print production services, Intellimail International delivers results companies can see and measure.

High speed commercial laser printers ensure fast output and consistent quality throughout the entire laser process.

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