With the incorporation of the latest digital technologies Intellimail is able to produce high quality fast and cost effective runs, from the simplest of one-colour flysheets to full colour bound journals

To complement Intellimail mail processing services, a postal management service aimed at reducing your postal costs while ensuring the correct delivery standard is available.

This is achieved by utilising the most up-to-date software package designed to reduce your postal distribution cost.

Clean Mail
Clean Mail offers reduced charges to customers who present quantities of correctly machine-addressed letters.
Minimum lodgement quantity: 300 articles

Reply Paid
Reply Paid is a delivery service that allows customers to send mail to your business at no cost to them.

Print Post
Print Post is a service for the delivery of approved periodical publications to addresses within Australia: • articles measuring 260 x 360 (maximum size) x 20mm (thickness) • up to 1kg in weight• minimum quantity of 100 copies

PreSort Letter service
The PreSort Letter service offers reduced charges to customers who sort their letters before lodgement and comply with relevant mailing conditions
Minimum lodgement quantity: 300 barcoded letters

Promo Post
Promo Post charges are available to those organisations that are sending articles that are promotional in nature, and have pre-sorted their mail.
Minimum lodgement quantity: 4,000 barcoded letters.

Charity Mail
Charity Mail is a service available to organisations: • that are endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as an Income Tax Exempt Charity (ITEC) or as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR); and • for sending pre-sorted small and large letter articles for the purpose of fundraising and promotion activity.
Minimum lodgement quantity: 300 barcoded letters

Acquisition Mail
Acquisition Mail is an addressed (non-personalised) delivery service to residential addresses in customer selected Statistical Area Level 1 (SA1s).


Intellimail can also distribute your product whether it be a parcel or a mail piece either Australia wide or abroad, via post, road, air or courier.

Again with the use of specifically designed software Intellimail is able to segment distribution data for the best fit level of service and price available.

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