Case Study


Eternity now owned by Bible Society Australia, a long-term client of Intellimail international, was struggling to print 100k tabloid newspapers per month distributed to Churches across Australia. The printing and distribution parameters were complex as they involved bundling of newspapers of different counts and somehow distributing them cost effectively to country and metropolitan areas with a small amount of international postage.

The client was struggling with fulfilling the logistics cost effectively and efficiently using multiple suppliers. All deliveries were required to be made prior to the first weekend of each month to facilitate weekend church services. If this deadline was not achieved one week of the month would be wasted impacting on our client’s advertising time frames.

The people at Intellimail international has unparalleled know how within the areas of small and large print distribution logistics and mail processing capabilities. We were able to design software to link the logistics processes together for a cost effective streamline solution.

Given factors of timeline restraints weather and costs, Australia wide distribution of newspapers bundles left at Church doors were vulnerable to weather. Intellimail was able to print and plastic wrap the bundles of newspapers in one pass as well as automatically apply the applicable consignment note to each bundle. This was a massive cost and time saving process as the alternative would be using multiple stakeholders to separately bundle and plastic wrap the bundles.

Distribution of these bundles required courier companies specialising in both country and metro deliverability to specific states. With multiple couriers came multiple administration to produce the relevant consignment notes for each courier. Proprietary software was able to be modified to accommodate such tasks. The software also synced with the printer so the correct consignment labels were printed and applied to bundles in the correct sequence so as to accommodate the specific courier of each state.

Further to this the effort to reduce costs of distribution required intrastate delivery. Hence all bundles relevant to each courier and relevant to each state had to be programmed in advancement of print. Interstate freight had to be organised to deliver directly to each couriers’ corresponding hub for each region serviced within the state. This linehaul capability allowed for local parcel charges instead of interstate parcel charges. The offset of savings was enormous. The specialised delivery efficiencies these couriers were able to achieve also had a huge impact on timely deliveries which was essential for weekend church services.

Some 10% of the entire print is allocated to postage mailouts. Specific plastic wrap machines utilised in combination with commercial laser printing for address flyers is utilised. Again, the best postal discounts were utilised to cater for far country and special request deliveries. Although a far reduced amount of papers could be despatched to each point the cost saving were again enormous in comparison to parcel country delivery.

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