QR IQ In Direct Marketing

Intellimail International has just devised the first Direct Mail capability with QR codes that speak back to the database you may use to reach your target audience in real time.

QR codes can be used in a variety of ways, such as linking to a website, displaying a message or text, providing contact information, or making a payment. They are often used on product packaging, business cards, event tickets, and advertisements, as they allow users to quickly access additional information or take a specific action with just a scan.

This information is collected and can be supplied as a real time report to you as well as the actual data base of names and addresses of the audience that has scanned your material. This is invaluable information for you to complete your message or further sell your products and services.

The report over time compiles information as to who responds to your direct mail efforts and who does not. This gives you the opportunity to change your message or remove the non-responsive portion of the data base potentially saving thousands in mailing costs.

It’s worth noting that direct mail can have a higher conversion rate than digital marketing channels, such as email or social media, due to its tangibility and personalization. Direct mail also has a longer lifespan than digital marketing, meaning that it can continue to influence a recipient decision-making over time.

Direct mail is becoming more powerful as the competition in the mail box is decreasing over time.

Let Intellimail International show you how to create or convert your mailout to the most intelligent mail piece in the mail box.

QR codes can be used to gather analytics about any campaign. Businesses can track the number of scans, location of scans, and other data to better understand how the campaign is performing. With the proprietary systems Intellimail International has built, this is also available for rental lists where the client does not have access to this data.

Reduce Cost
With the use of this new QR IQ technology there will no longer be a need to include Business Replied Envelopes in your mailer as the information is instantly gathered through the QR code(s) supplied.

This will save on the purchase of envelopes, mail processing, and the cost of postage to return the reply paid envelope. As the price of mail distribution increases new ways have to be found to reduce cost and keep the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign. QR IQ is at the forefront of this, instantly identifying the non-responders in your database. By removing this portion you save on printing, mail processing, and distribution costs. An environmentally friendly solution that genuinely costs less.

Track Responses:
QR codes can be used to track the response rate of a direct mail campaign. By including a unique QR code on each piece of mail, businesses can track which recipients have scanned the code and how they have interacted with the campaign.

Enhance Personalization:
QR codes can be used to create a more personalized experience for recipients. Businesses can use QR codes to direct recipients to a personalized landing page with targeted messaging and offers based on their interests and preferences.

Increase Engagement:
QR codes can be used to encourage recipients to engage with the campaign by providing easy access to additional information or offers. For example, businesses can use QR codes to direct recipients to a video demonstration or product showcase.

QR codes can make it easier for recipients to take action on a direct mail campaign by providing a quick and convenient way to access more information or make a purchase. For example, businesses can use QR codes to direct recipients to a mobile-friendly shopping cart or checkout pag.

Patent pending AU2023903235

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