As the starting point of any direct marketing campaign, the integrity of the database used often determines how successful a campaign will be.

Tailoring lists within a wide spectrum of market niches ensures that a particular target market is better identified, resulting in cost savings and efficiencies in ensuing fulfilment and turnaround time.

As a leading list owner Intellimail is able to procure lists over a comprehensive range of industry and consumer segments.

Innovation in this sector has always been Intellimail’s forefront achievement. With proprietary list management software, we are able to produce accurate and up to date list counts based on our clients’ specific selections. The capability of barcoding and scanning dead mail back into our systems for telemarketing repair sets us apart from other marketing companies. Through this we are able to achieve up to 99% guaranteed deliverability with 100% accuracy. Furthermore, our software is able to register your opt outs so repeat data for mailouts are automatically vetted.

Some of our lists include:

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