Use Our Mail House and Reach Your Target Market

A mail house sends out physical mail directly to your target market. It offers a personalised approach to reaching your potential and current clients. With the sensory overload that the internet has created for consumers, it can be difficult to get your message noticed. A mail house circumvents this problem by providing a personalised touchpoint for your business. We also help you find the right courier service for your business through our contacts within the industry. 

What You Can Expect From Intellimail International Re Mail House Services

From how you want the mail piece designed to increase the effectiveness of your companies’ marketing to how large a list you have access to, our mailing house provides you with what you need. Here is what you should expect from us regarding our mail house services:

  • The latest equipment. Using the latest technology gives your business the edge to achieve a higher ROI. With the latest printing and automated job generation software and equipment we can create personalised and customisable documents to increase the receptiveness of your target market. 
  • Local and global distribution. Reaching your clientele is essential. We distribute through the Australian post and use domestic and international couriers. Meaning we reach all of Australia and across the world.
  • Reduced costs. Reducing cost is important when running a top-notch marketing campaign because you want the return on investment to be substantial. If you need to reduce costs, we use the Australian post as a distribution method; it’s a cheaper alternative. We also use server-to-server software for automated job procurement to reduce the cost that manual job procurement would incur.

Related Services We Provide to Mail House Services

A mail house company has the primary goal of helping you get the recipient of your mail to buy your product or service. Here are related services that we provide:

  • A selection of client lists. We understand how important it is to reach out to as many clients as possible to increase your ROI. We own a variety of lists that gives you access to different audiences depending on the market you are looking to contact. 
  • A selection of printing and packaging. The choice of mail piece heavily influences the type of marketing campaign that you are trying to run. We offer a variety of options, such as flysheets, magazines, brochures, letterheads, books, and promotional merchandise. We give you the ability to maximise the profits that your marketing campaign produces through the right option. 
  • Laser printing. Our commercial laser printers enable you to have a fast, steady output of mail pieces. They print in black and white, full colour digital, highlight, and have up to 350 GSM paper stock. Use our advanced printers to give you the best quality available.

Why Intellimail International’s Mailing House Is Cost-Effective

At times administrative charges could reach up to $250.00 per job with conventional systems. Intellimail International eliminates these charges since the human effort in these sectors have been alleviated. Automated job processes, online inventory and proprietary software streamlines jobs saving time and money.

Contact us and up your marketing game with our extensive mail house service.