IntelliList Software
In order to comply with Government regulations Intellimail International has built proprietary software to manage the entire physical mail and email data management system.

By storing all list data within this application every client that Intellimail rents data to, for either a mailout or email blast, the system records not only the dead mail and hard bounces to be sent to telemarketing but also the opt outs registered to each individual client.

Hence the master data base stays intact and instantly removes the opt out portion of the data relevant to the client email or mailout marketing campaign.

With the coordinated efforts between Intellimail and Mailchimp the campaigns are automated. When the email data selection relevant to the client campaign is chosen, the Intellimail Software immediately coordinates with Mail Chimp so the campaign is created ready for artwork, Links, subject line and preview Line.
Further more when the campaign is executed, Mailchimp automatically communicates back to the Intellimail Software all hard and soft bounces as well as opt outs and data updates.

The selection of data to tailor the required campaigns is substantial. Please see below selection capability:

• Principle contact or all contacts
• Email or mail or both
• Categories such as specialist sectors
• Dentist special Interests such as Implant dentistry
• Sex: Male/Female
• Graduation Year
• State Selection
• Postcode selection
• Metro/Country selection
• Social media data

Intellimail International owns the only data bases for rental that are linked between mail and email. This gives the client the flexibility to send a mail out and support the mailout with specific email campaigns.

Intellimail International can also configure the email blast to be seen as coming from the client. Hence there is no cross branding or brand confusion.