With mail processing technology constantly developing, Intellimail International has kept abreast of these changes by utilising the latest equipment available to handle all campaign requirements.

The latest intelligent hardware and qualified staff ensure that all mail is processed, sorted and distributed within deadlines and with 100% accuracy.

Our software applications deliver print ready production files for lasering or inkjet, plastic wrap or enveloping automatically to production. This ensures that your data is held confidential at all time.

Hi Speed intelligent envelope inserters fold one to fourteen page letters or statements, select generic brochures from any of six hoppers, as per the record requirement and seal the envelope. These inserters can cater for any mail from DL to C4 envelopes.

Environmentally friendly plastic wrap technology is used for all plastic wrap mail pieces as standard and with the ability to insert or onsert four generic items, intelligently sheet feed numerous personalised pages and one main magazine for a total of six mail piece components.
When your requirements cannot be handled by mail processing equipment, Intellimail can offer manual services, with accuracy and cost effectiveness.

With Intellimail's literature management processes our client’s can be ensured that their literature is picked, packed and distributed with reporting mechanisms in place as it happens.

Intellimail’s team is able to receive distribution information from the client in any form whether it be fax, e-mail or the more secure File Transfer Protocol to fulfil individual orders.

  • High Speed Inkjet Addressing
  • Intelligent Collation, Folding and Insertion
  • Inserting Automated/Manual
  • Labelling
  • Plastic Wrapping
  • Pick ‘n’ Pack
  • Literature Management

Mail Management

Using Mail Management Can Enhance Your Business Performance

Utilising Intellimail International’s mail management service will be of great benefit to your business in terms of processing and distribution of electronic and all forms of physical mail, including parcels and freight. This service can either be local or international. Our innovative custom-built list management software is a valuable tool in managing how you communicate with your customers, whether they are existing or prospective.

What You Can Expect From Intellimail International Regarding Mail Management

No matter how you need to get a message to someone, we can offer inventive and accessible solutions. We have a great deal of experience in the mail industry, with in-depth technical knowledge. If we are not able to mechanise any aspect of your request, rest assured that we will complete it manually with the same level of care, attention to detail, and professionalism.

  • Marketing mail services with Intellimail can help you in terms of direct communication with your relevant industry, saving time and money. You will be able to reach a far wider and more accurate section of your target market, with our assistance.
  • Bulk Mailing services - make use of our intelligent fold and insertion to a wide range of envelope sizes, as well as the Hi-Speed plastic wrap that boasts a smart sheet feeder and inline inkjet addressing. This process saves an inordinate amount of time – and we all know that time is money.
  • Mail delivery is part of our bread and butter. We can and will do it all – from the smallest, most straightforward order, right through to a massive automated process.

Benefits of Mail Management

Aside from the time and money-saving aspects of using mail management services, there is also an advantage in that it may often have a lower impact on the environment – always beneficial in times of such heightened environmental awareness. Our services can help to reduce your company’s paper consumption, amongst other things.

  • Using our mailing service means that you receive postal discounts, including print post line haul, pre-sort, charity mail and international mail.
  • Bulk mailing can lead to cost savings – we are highly experienced in this field. It can also lead to a higher return on investment than other marketing means. This way, you know that you are not spending money unnecessarily and also that the mail is more likely to reach the intended recipient.
  • As if all the physical mail management services that we have on offer is not impressive enough, we can also assist with server-to-server business integration, so that job procurement is automated from start to finish. Yet again, this represents a time- and cost-saving for your company.

Why Mail Management Is Cost-Effective

We can help with cost savings through the use of our state-of-the-art systems and equipment by reducing turnaround time and fulfilling jobs more efficiently by using tailored lists. Also, the job management software that we use is quick and competent, and it also represents a considerable cost saving for your business. Our unique automated job processing systems and inventory management allow us to deliver production-ready files for processing faster and at up to 30 percent more cost-effectively than most businesses can on their own. Why would you waste hours of valuable time and your own company resources instead of outsourcing to a company who does it daily?

Feel free to get in touch and let us see how our in-house professionals can assist you and your company with all your mail management requirements.