Mail House Melbourne

Innovation Trademarks the Premium Mail House in Melbourne

At Intellimail International we pride ourselves in delivering a comprehensive service to our clients as a leading Mail House in Melbourne. We deliver a vast list of affordable solutions to our diverse clientele across the continent.

What You Can Expect from Intellimail International Regarding Mailing

Our complete list of services stretches far beyond being merely mail management:

  • We take care of your document outsourcing with our laser printing solutions. Quality documents are the backbone of a successful business. Our infrastructure and capabilities relieve our clients from the rising costs of production. Through our innovative systems, we deliver documents of an impeccable standard to enhance the corporate image of our clients.
  • The most advanced technology at our fingertips allows us to be deadline-driven through proper Mail Management in Melbourne. In a time-conscious environment, it is vital to have a variety of distribution methods readily available. We respect time restrictions and offer not only parcel and postal services, but also air and road express and Bulk Mailing in Melbourne.
  • We always strive to be responsible citizens and respect nature in our industry. Thus, we only use packaging that is environmentally friendly in our mail delivery service.

Benefits of Mailing

The technology required for accurate and timeous delivery of parcels and mail is continuously developing and advancing. We are at the top of our game which means benefits to our customers:

  • Intelligent inserters make high-speed insertion of envelopes possible. These inserters can handle up to fourteen-page letters, insert them into envelopes, and seal them. They can accommodate a variety of different sized documents too.
  • A fantastic cost-saver is the fact that the majority of our services are electronic, we do handle some requirements manually. We only resort to manual services when a client’s needs go beyond the capabilities of our electronic system. Eliminating human error as well as admin costs.

Why Our Mailing Service in Melbourne is Cost-Effective

We put great effort into reducing the cost of our service while we still maintain the service and tech that our clients appreciate, such as our unique engine used for processing that eliminates the costs of adding DPID barcodes. We have also achieved seamless communication between businesses with our excellent portals. These are contributing factors to our more cost-effective services. Through electronic processing, we have minimised human involvement, and this seeps through in the form of no administrative costs to our clients. These charges of mailing services can often increase dramatically, even up to 250%.

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