Email Direct Marketing

Email Direct Marketing Is Easy with a Trusted Partner by Your Side

Email Direct Marketing can be a daunting and costly task for any business to undertake, yet it is a vital segment of a comprehensive marketing plan. Finding a provider that brings you both advanced solutions and cost-saving is your best option.

What You Can Expect from Intellimail International Regarding  Direct Marketing 

As a leader in the industry of EDM Marketing, we pride ourselves in that we offer only the best solutions to our valued clients. 

  • List of clients. Obtaining a list of viable consumers is often the first challenge that a business faces. We offer our clients a comprehensive list of possible consumers from various market segments and industry types. Our clients appreciate the diversity and the ease of access that we bring them. 
  • Dead mail detection. Thanks to our advanced management software, we can identify dead mail. We can then successfully avoid these in the marketing campaign, allowing us to provide our clients with 99% deliverability.
  • Niche markets. The latest tech allows us to identify niche markets that will be interested in your products. You can then target your niche market with accuracy, which in turn will deliver a far higher return on investment when it comes to direct marketing fulfilment.

Benefits of Direct Email Marketing

The success of such a marketing campaign depends on the reliability of your service partner. As a leader in the industry, when we partner with you, we deliver not only the following benefits to you but so much more. 

  • We take care of complexity. Our state-of-the-art design programme delivers solutions for any direct marketing campaign that you may require. It designs a marketing campaign specifically tailored to every client’s requirements. We provide these securely to you and it is password protected to allow easy, yet secure online access. 
  • Problem-free campaigns. Our reputation in the industry as a leading supplier has been established through successful campaigns that brought fast and efficient results. When direct marketing campaigns are successful, our clients enjoy the time saved through efficient delivery and return on investment.
  • Excellent reporting. A successful email campaign is not only valuable to reach out to your niche market, but also to gather vital information. From proper campaigns, precise directives can be collected from the target market. The information that we provide you with is building blocks to be used in your future planning and further investment in marketing.