Get Your Message Across With Our Direct Mail Services

Direct mail services help businesses target specific clientele. We offer a comprehensive automated process that speeds up the time it takes to send out mail pieces and reach the particular market you prefer. We distribute electronic and physical mail in Australia and all over the world. If you need a list, we have many lists available for you to help relay your message to your target audience. 


Tips for Getting More Value out of Direct Mail

Direct mail requires a particular specification in terms of distribution and mail piece design. The design of the medium used to get your message out heavily indicates the receptiveness of your target market. Here are some tips for getting more value out of your marketing campaigns:
  • Make sure you procure a list. Depending on the market you are aiming for, the list you need changes. Make sure you have a list that aims for the clients you want to attract. We offer a selection of lists that come from using our service - from an extensive database of Dentists/Medical to a databases of school mail data and business to business contacts Australia wide. We have resources that enable you to get your message out to the right people.
  • Use email and postage. By using email and postal services in your marketing campaign, you are likely to receive better results. Our mail bases also have corresponding email data linked to the records. Hence you can enhance your mailout with multiple email blasts. Ask us how we can do this for free.
  • Use the right mail piece. Depending on whom you are targeting, you should change between different mediums. A magazine might be a better choice for a younger target or a postcard for a potential overseas client. It would help if you worked out precisely what your target is receptive to, so that you cater a campaign around that. 

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing With Intellimail International

There are several benefits that a direct mail company provides in comparison to other forms of advertising and marketing companies. Here are the benefits a direct mail campaign offers:

  • It focuses on specific targets. When you know specifically what your target market wants, you can provide benefits and reasons why they should use your product or service. Enabling you to focus on the points that draw them to your business. If you require a specific focus, we use our electronic data processing professionals to design programs that cater to what your client wants. Thus, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns so that you get your money’s worth.
  • It is versatile. You can choose the exact format that you want the mail piece to be. This flexibility means you can shift and change the medium of your message. A catalogue for a fridge company, a letter for an insurance agency, there are many formats to choose from to change, shift, and increase the efficacy of your campaign.
  • The results are identifiable. You know if a company or family is receptive to your campaign because you targeted them individually, so when they use your service or buy your product, you know that your campaign is working. 

About Intellimail International

We are an experienced mail house that uses top of the range technology to increase the effectiveness of any direct marketing campaign. We have inkjet printers, intelligent envelope inserters and more that increase the speed of the mail creation process. If you have a specific requirement that our mail processing equipment cannot handle, we provide a manual service that creates your mail piece to specifications. Our goal is to increase the value of your marketing campaigns so that you make as much profit as possible. Further to this we have enabled our automated email service which we offer in connection with our List data. Ask us how we can offer this for free.

Contact us and create personalised mail to reach your potential clients.