With every direct marketing campaign, the integrity of the end database is crucial to the effectiveness of not just the mail processing aspect, but also the cost effectiveness and efficiency of distribution. This is the brain component of any campaign, which must comply with distribution and report gathering directives.

Intellimail’s electronic data processing experts are able to design programs to suit the most complex of direct marketing campaigns, ensuring problematic free campaigns with speed and efficiency. The ability to design programs specifically for clients` needs, with password protected access online for ease of use and live data viewing, breaks new ground in Intellimail’s direction of better client service.

Coupled with Intellimail`s security features and high speed laser printing capacity, Intellimail’s clients are exposed to innovative and comprehensive resources designed to gain an edge on their competitors.

  • Program Design
  • Maintenance
  • Bar-coding
  • Data Warehousing
  • Client online services
  • Data Entry
  • Laser printing and Label Production
  • Management Reporting
  • Image Scanning
  • Campaign Management