Intellimail International Pty Ltd extensive mail industry experience and technical knowhow enables us to process and distribute any form of physical and electronic mail, parcel and freight to any destination within Australia and Internationally.

Our unique automated job processing systems and inventory management allows us to deliver production ready files for processing faster and up to 30% more cost effective.

By working side by side with our clients, Intellimail professionals not only suggest the best methods the industry currently offers, but also take the time to educate and direct clients on future developments, best befitting the projects in question.

Specific data warehousing with online solutions gives Intellimail clients fast and easy reporting access to inventory, job progress and list marketing research. All this encapsulated as one complete service for direct marketing requirements.

Our Skills

Intellimail International provides these mail services:


  •  Intelligent Fold and Insert
  •  Plastic Wrap
  •  Offline Folding
  •  Crash Folding
  •  Inkjet Printing
  •  Hand Line
  •  Email Broadcast
  •  And More - just ask us

IntelliMail Utilises:


  •  Business lists
  •  Consumer lists
  •  Medical lists
  •  Education Institution lists
  •  Government lists
  •  Australian & International Resident lists
  •  Proper Standards & Practice

Our Services

Your partner in planning the best possible outcome for your logistics requirements:


  •  Laser imaging in Colour or Black & White.
  •  Hi Speed Inkjet Addressing.
  •  Intelligent Fold and Insertion to envelopes ranging from DL to C4.
  •  Hi Speed Plastic Wrap with intelligent sheet feeder and inline inkjet addressing.
  •  Manual Fulfillment of any requirement not catered for mechanically.
  •  Distribution through Australia Post, Domestic and International Couriers.
  •  Postal Discounts including Print Post Line haul, Presort, Charity mail and International Mail.
  •  Fast and Efficient Job management software’s saves you money.
  •  Server to Server business integration for complete automated job procurement.
  •  Environmental Considerations.
  •  Email Broadcast through automated and cost efficient proprietary List management systems.